Get ready for Toddler Activities: Paper plate Birds



(idea source @ Pinterest:

Pen had a lot of fun with this activity, mostly because of the feathers and glue stick, I think. This was a fun one because she had something to show Daddy when he got home from work, too. Plus, birds are just fun.

Paper plate Birds


  1. Paper plates (1 per bird, I used the really thin kind)
  2. some construction paper cut into strips, for the tail
  3. feathers
  4. eyes – buttons, or if you’re afraid of choking, like me, then just a couple small circles cut from paper
  5. glue stick
  6. (optional) crayons
  7. (optional) gallon bag to hold supplies

Setup: 7/10

This does involve some pre-setup, but I did everything in advance, so when the activity was actually needed/used, there was no setup other than pulling stuff out of the bag. The pre-setup is mostly hunting and gathering the supplies together, plus cutting some construction paper into strips and little circles.

Entertainment: 10/10

My toddler loved this activity and had fun playing with the glue stick for a while. She got into choosing feathers, coloring with crayons, and sticking on tail strips, lasting quite a while on this activity. Her play was much more about the process and working with the materials than making a finished product, not surprisingly, so I did make sure a few feathers ended up on the plate in the end. She loved exploring the feathers that I had bought from Hobby Lobby, so this activity will definitely be a hit again.

Education: 4/10

Well, this was fun, but educational value would simply be fine motor skills, thanks to gluing and coloring, and anything else would depend on whether I teach colors or about birds and their anatomy…one of these days.

Cleanup: 8/10

The only cleanup is to wipe off any sticky glue residue although my feathers had little somethings in with them that I had to dust-bust up or wipe off of the table, don’t know why…not bad.


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