Get ready for Toddler Activities: Pushing pom-poms



idea source:

Pushing Pom-poms


1. bag of pom-poms/fuzzy little balls 🙂 (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby)

2. Old plastic tub, with a small hole or wide slit cut into the lid

Setup: 10/10

Since the only setup was cutting a hole in the lid of a plastic tub (I think mine was from yogurt or sour cream), this is super easy to prepare the first time and requires zero prep after that.

Entertainment: 10/10

For whatever reason, I think all kids go through a phase when these little, fuzzy pom-poms hold endless entertainment potential. Pen Elaine played with these for a while, apart from even using the tub and pushing them through the lid. I know my niece went through a pom-pom phase as well…just watch out if your child tries to eat them!

Education: 9/10

I think this activity is great for fine motor development, plus, if you buy the multi-colored pack, then it’s a great color practice for labeling, sorting, seek and finding, etc.

Cleanup: 10/10

No cleanup other than helping your toddler find all the pompoms and collecting them back into the bucket. I will admit I’ve found a few in random spots, like under the couch, days later.


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