DIY fall banner: Give Thanks



First of all, I have a serious love of making my own banners…I make them and save them in my party/décor box, and I’ve got one for fall/xmas, one for birthdays, one for halloween, one of poofs, one of doilies, about 6 of fabric triangle flags…but they easily store, so why not? Well, my sweet Honey looked through my holiday pinterest page with me for fall decoration ideas, and one that he especially liked was involving a banner and message to “Give Thanks.” I knew I could make a banner, so I made it happen.

For the flags, I used leftover, saved book pages from a previous project (router/internet box disguise) where we had cut out all the pages from two old books bought at a cheap resale shop. The only other items needed were twine, some craft paper, and a hole punch.


After looking through my fonts I’d downloaded for free, thanks to Pinterest, I chose “Simple Simon” to copy, freehand, by writing with pencil on craft paper and then cutting the letters out.






20131009-155147.jpgI cut triangles out of the bottom of each piece of book paper to make them into banner flags. Then, I hole-punched on either side of the top, straight edge, about half an inch or so from either side. I used my double hole punch, but a normal one would work just as well.

Next, I glued my cut, craft paper letters onto the book page banner flags and strung them all up via twine. I had one banner that said “GIVE” and one that said “THANKS.”

I tied loops on either ends, and hooked them up above my piano, via a lamp and frame, and the other from the top of items sitting on the piano. Not exactly like the “Give Thanks” pin I’d seen, but a cross between that and another one I want to make with leaves…






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