Halloween Dinner Fun


I know Halloween is a distant memory, except for maybe the candy hoard up in a cabinet, but I want to remember my super cute and easy dinner plan for next year! I really wanted to do something fun for my 2-year-old and Honey, who enjoys himself some hot dogs. Plus, I had been seeing so many cute and simple ideas for Halloween food on Pinterest; who can resist.


I settled on 3 “dishes:”
Apple mouths by family.go
These only requires sliced apples (I used a slicer and cut each of those pieces in half, longwise, again), peanut butter, and mini marshmallows.


Orange & Black by Pinterest inspiration
This is just cantaloupe and blackberries for a Halloween color combo- plenty of fruit but no vegetables, I’m afraid, for our “party” dinner to be followed by candy 🙂


Next year, I may include green beans and turn them into with fingers somehow, maybe with a fingernail of shredded carrot glued on with ranch dressing or a plastic spider ring!

Mummy dogs by Raininghotcoupons

20131106-155541.jpg 20131106-155557.jpg For our main dish, we has this easy dish that my 2-year-old even helped me create by loosely wrapping (chicken) hot dogs in breadsticks from a can. After baking, I gave the “mummies” tiny dots of mustard for eyes- very fun and tasty!









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