Happy Thanksgiving (cards)


This year, the holidays seem so close together! I just sent out some fast and easy Halloween cards for the relatives and now, it’s already thanksgiving card time! I wanted quick ones that would send a piece of love from Pen Elaine to all the grandparents and greats and her favorite cousin 🙂 So, traditional handprint turkeys it was, along with a traditional turkey print poem… that I just discovered this year when Pen Elaine came home from church with it.
So I printed out the poem, 4 to a page, and stuck it to the front of cards.

For the inside, I painted Pen Elaine’s hand with swirled brown and gold craft paint to make a handprint.


After letting that dry, I added the turkey parts to the handprint and added a short “Happy Thanksgiving” message inside the card.

My original plan was to use coffee filter art and cut out Pen Elaine’s handprint from that for yes turkeys, but we only got around to coloring and spraying one coffee filter, so we only made one card that way. Here’s a photo of her traced hand on our coffee filter.

When all that was done (during nap time), I let Pen Elaine add fall stickers at her will, sticker party!



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