New Baby on the Way…Predictions Posted



What has become a sort of family tradition has turned into my latest diy decoration involving the new baby! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., get together and we each make predictions for the upcoming baby’s birth – the date, birth height, and birth weight. So far, I don’t know that we’ve come up with prizes, but we play to win, so the satisfaction of being right has been reward enough, so far. I love recording all the guesses in the baby book, but this time around, I have a 8×10 frame in my kitchen that rotates out what it holds, depending on the season, so for this “season,” I wanted to do something new-baby-boy-related, and I love how this turned out…being 8.5 months pregnant makes you pretty obsessive about the new baby…I used word and all my cutesy, downloaded fonts to type up all the guessers and their predictions, along with a comforting Bible verse how God knows all our days, and a space to write in the “actual events.” I figure I’ll use a washable marker or dry erase pen to simply write on top of the frame, but I may go to the trouble of actually taking the paper out of the frame and writing…could be a memento. In any case, this is a fun game and a sweet reminder of how God holds our new child in the palm of His hand and already knew all about his arrival and the plan for his life, before our sweet baby was even born.

In Your book were written all the days ordained for me before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16


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