Chalk: Laundry Wonder


20140103-144339.jpgSo, random…Maybe this is common knowledge, but I never knew until last fall that normal, cheap old CHALK could take out oil stains – at least as far as I’ve seen. Our typical oil culprits are butter and buttered popcorn, grease splattered from browning meat, and pizza. My normal mode of operation, some sort of spray and wash-type-spray, wasn’t working. After some google research, I tried simply rubbing chalk that I had lying around over all the spots (you know, those clear yet obvious grease spots) on the clothing item, then throwing it into the laundry basket for the next time I did a load. See my example in picture – I don’t remember how I got so many spots on this shirt, but it was clearly a maternity top from last fall, so I was probably extra clumsy that day. This even worked on spots that had already been washed and dried – I simply “chalked” them up and washed again. Voila! Thank you, amazing chalk!


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