Advent Activity: Salt Dough (part 2)


This is my much belated sequel to my salt dough handprints that we made before Christmas. What I had meant to do all along, and finally got to do right before new year’s, was paint them according to these adorable hand-print Nativity animals from Planet of the Apels. However, I ended up with one cute donkey from them, a mis-shapen camel, and some free-form painting by Pen Elaine, the last of which I kept for myself! I hung it above my kitchen sink 🙂


20140103-143337.jpgAfter the salt dough handprints had completely dried (I left them out on a counter for several weeks before we got around to painting…), here’s the first step of painting, as I tried to copy the pinterest animals linked above, from planet of the apels. I did not do so well on the camel, partly due to how we had pressed the handprint in limited space.



While I worked on my painting, I let Pen Elaine paint some other shapes we had made during the salt dough day, along with one of the handprints. She got to let her creativity go to town, as I supplied whatever paint color she requested. She is wearing her pajamas and homemade craft smock, since we used acrylic craft paint which does not wash out of clothes!

This next photo shows what I added with white paint, after letting the initial coat of gray or brown, respectively, dry completely – which just takes a matter of minutes.

20140103-143408.jpgAnd finally, here’s the final version (before stringing some tulle for hanging through the ‘straw’ hole), after finishing up details and the poem with a fine-tipped sharpie. I think the donkey is super cute, thus went to my in-laws, and the camel turned out funny-cute, so he gets to go live on my parents’ Christmas tree…



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