Our Snuggly Man has arrived and stolen our hearts



Well, our baby boy has finally arrived, and all we can do is soak up this little man that has arrived. To our biased hearts that have loved him since before we even knew he was coming, he is the cutest baby boy that ever existed. He is the “snuggliest” baby you’ve ever seen, and yet he oftentimes looks like a little old man. Pen Elaine tries to mother him, in her 2.5-year-old way, wanting to see him and hold him as soon as she wakes up in the morning – she immediately goes to give him a hug and kiss, while I’m begging her for my own good morning sugar. She tries to burp him and bring him pacifiers or blankies, and not only does she want him next to her for bedtime stories but has requested he sleep all night in her bed…which will not be happening. They are the sweetest little pair, and I can’t wait until he starts smiling and rewarding all her efforts 🙂

For now, we are soaking up these first weeks that are made up of first impressions and first moments that only come once and enjoying the special life cycle of a new baby in our family. Sleepy mornings, my Honey home from work, late night feedings, first baths, unsuccessful attempts to keep a perfectly contented sleepy baby awake through a feeding, millions of tiny poopy diapers, unbelievably adorable and funny baby sounds that also make us think of an old man grunting, and getting to know this new little soul that has been entrusted to us for a season, all make up the moments of first love with our Snuggly Man.




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