Resale Dresser Makeover



We had been looking for the perfect piece of furniture to complete our baby boy’s room – one with storage and still at the right height to sit next to the rocking chair, to hold a lamp, burp cloths, etc. So, we went to a junk shop that has been a successful stop for cheap furniture in the past, and we found a dresser with three huge drawers (made to look like it’s really a lot more little drawers) that was in great condition, meaning all the drawers slid in and out easily and securely and nothing wobbled! Plus, it only set us back $100, which we were totally willing to pay for a piece of furniture that met all our needs, ha! We bought it in the morning, then during Pen Elaine’s naptime that afternoon, we quickly wiped it down, took the drawers out and removed their hardware, and gave it a coat of chalk paint (I think the shade is duck egg or something, it’s the only color I’ve bought so far). While that was drying, I lined the drawers with cute contact paper and then did some minimal rough and light sanding to give it a worn/shabby chic look. I added the wax coat to just the top and the front of the drawers, where it will get the most abuse/wear, and my honey put the hardware back where it belonged. Seriously, it was so fast, we had the newly improved dresser in the baby boy room by the end of the night!


Now, I’ve got the middle drawer full of sweet baby boy clothes that my Snuggly Man has yet to grow into 🙂



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