Original onesie designed by Big Sis



I know I saw this somewhere on Pinterest or possibly linked in projectrunplay.com…and tucked the idea in the back of my mind for when I had a baby and a big sibling. This was super easy and quick!

1. My little girl drew a picture with pen onto a piece of white paper – I asked her to draw a picture of her and her baby brother…but at 2-and-a-half, she draws what she wants, and I’m not sure if she drew that or just tried filling the paper with swirls 🙂

2. I pinned the picture onto the front of a onesie, using several straight pins scattered around to prevent sliding or stretching of the fabric when I started the sewing stage.

3. Very carefully, I used my sewing machine to follow the artistic pen lines with a running stitch. I used forward and backwards stitching and moved that onesie in all different directions as I tried to only stitch on top of drawn lines, to keep as much of the integrity of the artwork as possible. 🙂 (I used green thread, as you can see.) The tricky part is to not sew the front of the onesie to the back!


4. Finally, with care, I tore off the paper from the onesie, much like tearing a perforated paper out of a notebook. I removed all the big pieces and as may of the tiny pieces as possible, but any little remaining remnants get removed when you throw this onesie through the wash.


Now, it’s done! Your little one can enjoy wearing a piece of art, and your bigger one can enjoy seeing her artwork being proudly worn by baby brother!



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