Mommy & Me class: BIG and small


Thanks to Jenn for a fabulous class of learning opposites, big and small, with so many great ideas for books and activities! Here’s a recap of most of her ideas…


Craft/Activity #1: Roll play David & Goliath free printables by SundaySchoolKids

This was a simple coloring activity PLUS role playing/creative play in one! Click on the SundaySchoolKids link for the free printables and more detailed instructions.

We simply colored the printed pages, cut a few straight lines, and then taped or stapled them into a roll. Pen Elaine and I wrote the first letters of their names on David and Goliath’s “figurines.”

Craft/Activity #2: “Stone” in a cup game


Supplies: hole-punch, bit of string/yarn, fuzzy ball, paper cup, scissors to cut out a picture of Goliath, hot glue to attach fuzzy ball to bit of yarn

This creative creation starts with a printed picture of goliath stapled to a small paper cup. Next, we hot-glued a fuzzy ball to a bit of yarn (approx. 4-6 inches). Finally, we punched a hole in the cup to attach the piece of yarn with ball. Now, you’ve got one of those games where you try to flip the ball into the cup…or for an easier, toddler version, you can just lay cup on the ground and let them throw the ball into the cup…or try hitting Goliath’s head with the “stone” fuzzy ball. This game was more fun for me than my toddler, I think, ha!

Craft/Activity #3: David’s Sling with 5 stones

Okay, I’ve saved the best for last! Pen Elaine and I love-loved this activity, for hours! First, you make your own slingshot…toddler safety version!

Supplies: square of fabric (about 4x4inches, give or take – can be any shape actually), scissors, some yarn/string (at least 2 feet, depending on size of fabric), 5 “stones”-fuzzy balls or anything small and soft…if you want to outlaw throwing them, you could use actual stones


After cutting your square-ish of fabric (if you don’t have any fabric scraps lying around, cut up an old tshirt), cut small slits 1-2 inches from the edge, going all the way around – I cut about 4 slits per side on my fabric square. Then, you thread your yarn through, going in and out – if you have an older preschooler, they can do this job. Once you’ve made it all the way around the perimeter, through all the holes, pull the yarn taut to form a pouch – done! Now for the really fun part!

Now you can re-enact the story of David & Goliath with your sling – Pen Elaine played David most of the time, leaving me as the giant. We loved acting out the story to the song “Only a boy named David” by singing and acting it out over and over and over – we had to perform again when my Honey got home. We switched parts and performed twice…at least. Before each rendition, we put the “stones” somewhere that we designated as the brook so that the five stones were ready to be “gathered.” Here’s a pic of Pen Elaine “slinging” the sling around and around and around.


Book Recommendations:

David and Goliath (found in 1 Samuel 17)

Jenn recommended the version from Jesus Calling Bible Storybook. Kids can really relate to the story of an underdog who was small, literally. God can help them like God helped David.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – another classic story about growing from small to big


The Three Bears – this is a fun way to talk about sizes: small, medium, and large

Jack and the Beanstalk – another tale of little boy and BIG giant (photo from A First Book of Fairy Tales)


Song Recommendations:

For some more active practice, we sang this song version while holding our hands close together or far apart, for small or big respectively. Then, we sang it again while making our whole body small, crouched on the ground, and then big, standing with our arms up and out, when saying the words “little” and “big,” respectively.

To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
This is big and this is little
This is big and this is little
Big, little, big, little
Big, little, big, little
This is big and this is little
This is big and this is little


For more craft and activity ideas, see our Pinterest page.


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