Easy Toddler Activity: Bath time for little animals



I’m still learning how to manage a toddler and a nursing infant without screentime, but here is one of our recent activities with no setup time but lots of entertainment time!

Pen Elaine went through a major animals/noah’s ark phase in which all our oodles of accumulated “little people” animals, gifts and hand-me-downs, have been out and about – lined up on the fireplace or stuffed in Noah’s ark or piled in a jungle train, etc. I remembered hearing someone talk about keeping their toddlers entertained by just letting them play in a sink of water, and I also know how much Pen Elaine loves using the spray nozzle at the kitchen sink (as much as I try to stifle that urge) when helping me wash produce. So, I realized she would be thrilled to “wash” her little, plastic animals to her heart’s delight at the kitchen sink…so that I could not closely supervise while nursing and changing my Snuggly Man.


We got her setup with all the plastic animals on one side of the sink, within reach of the spray nozzle. We also laid out a towel for animals to sit and dry after being washed, AND the most helpful thing I did was put on her craft smock that kept her clothes reasonably dry…we may have just had to change her shirt due to wet sleeves. A towel draped over the front of the sink helped keep the floor and her stool/chair dry, also.

Believe it or not, I actually had to make her stop washing animals – she wanted to keep going after 30 or more minutes, but it was getting to be dinner time!


My little cutie is just so adorable in her apron and a ponytail!



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