Toddler Dates for Big Sis



Pen Elaine is the sweetest big sister that a 2-and-a-half-year-old could possibly be. She is so proud of her baby brother. She wants to take care of his 20140130-142117.jpgneeds, including but not limited to, giving him a pacifier when upset (or even when sleeping…), fetching his burp cloth if he spits up a little bit, patting his back to burp him, finding his diaper, telling mommy to pick him up if he cries, finding his “blankie,” and of course, millions of hugs and kisses for “his sweet little cheek” or “his sweet little hair” or “his sweet little eyes…”

20140130-142148.jpgHowever, this newly big sister still needs lots of special attention. During the first couple weeks, when my Honey was still on paternity leave, we took her on special dates whenever we had a chance.

Her favorite daddy date was to the mall, to pick out a big sister dress. I still remember my dad taking me to buy a dress when my little brother was born, in fact I can still see that little plaid romper. However, the mall has endless delights – ride-on cars that only get ridden with quarters on very special occasions, cookie cake slices, and puppies that you can pet for 25 cents, for starters. This was a magical daddy-daughter date, for sure.





Now, for my chosen date, I took Pen Elaine to Barnes and Noble, where we could sit and share a pastry and special drinks – chocolate milk for her and a highly caffeinated “milk-shake” for me. Then we headed to the kids’ section where we could read books and play with the communal train set – very relaxing 🙂



One of her favorite and most adorable dates took place at home – which was fun for me! Pen Elaine and my Honey set up a magnificent tent where they adorably read as many books as they had time for, and I took some photos.




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