Mommy & Me class: Play-dough!



Thanks to Brenda for supplying our activity this week! She made easy play-dough with us and gave us some great tips for making it even more fun and “clean!” This is a great way to practice fine motor skills, problem solving, and creativity!

Play Tips:

  • Use cookie cutters and rolling pin (or canned good) to roll out play-dough and cut shapes.
  • Use plastic knives, popsicle sticks, or plastic/safety scissors for pretend play and practice cutting.
  • Hide little surprises inside a ball of play-dough for some “treasure-hunting!” (I hid a little plastic rabbit figure for Pen Elaine.)
  • Best Tip – use a cookie sheet or “lipped” tray as a play-dough play area – this TRULY cut down on the after-mess for me!



1 Cup Flour

1/4 Cup Salt

1 Packet Kool-aid (or off-brand) – flavor of your choice

2/3 Cup Water ***only use a little bit, more like 1/2 cup

1 Tablespoon oil (any type would do – we used canola, but coconut oil was another idea)


  1. Mix the flour, salt, and kool-aid packet together.
  2. Boil the water (or heat in microwave or coffee pot)
  3. Stir the oil into the water.
  4. Pour a bit of the water into the dry ingredients and mix with a spoon. (You want it the texture of pie dough, so start with small amount of water and if you get too wet, just add in some more flour.) Keep adding water and work/knead the dough until the color is uniform and feels like play-dough – this is a great part for the kids to complete!

Store play-dough in air tight bag or small plastic container. This makes approx. 6 oz of play-dough.



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