Spring Grandma Gifts



With Mother’s Day around the corner and several grandma birthdays coming up, I like to start getting some craft gifts done ahead of time. Plus, I had seen these wooden birdhouses for sale, probably at Hobby Lobby, and had been saving them for a fun painting project for Pen Elaine. Pen Elaine loves to paint, and she loves to make things for the people she loves.

To help make these birdhouses end up with a more “finished” look, I gave them a base coat covering the whole thing before handing them over for Pen Elaine to decorate – I chose green because I knew Pen Elaine would want to paint with PINK. When it was her turn, she wore an old tshirt and her craft smock, since craft/acrylic paint does NOT wash out of clothes. (I also tied her hair back nice and secure to avoid that extra mess.)

Pen Elaine got to pick two paint colors and then go to town. We squirted the paint into paper bowls/plates and gave her a paint brush, and she painted however she saw fit. My Honey supervised this project, ready with baby wipes and a camera. Pen Elaine let him know if she needed more paint and when she had finished her masterpieces. She was very serious about painting her birdhouses and let me know which one was for “Grandma” and which one was for “Gigi.” We kept it simple, but now I’m imagining the possibilities for adding the little fake birds or moss that you find in the floral section of the craft store…







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