{EASY} Toddler “Sewing”!!



This was one of those moments when I felt like a genus afterwards, a “good” mom, and like I had something to show for it…it’s rare but it doesn’t take much. All you need for this activity is paper, hole punch, some yarn or thread, and a plastic sewing needle (I can’t remember, but mine must have come in some sort of kit a long time ago that I held on to…I’m sure you can find them at a craft or fabric store.)


For our first attempt, I just punched holes around the perimeter of a big sheet, keeping it simple.



I tied one end of the thread through the first hole to keep it from all coming undone while Pen Elaine was working.


I also tied the the thread strung through the needle back to itself to keep the thread from coming out of the needle. Pen Elaine and I worked together to thread the needle 🙂


Then, she went to town, “sewing” the needle in and out of the holes, a sort of running stitch.




After we mastered that easy one, I decided we were ready to make something to be used as a gift – a hand-sewn heart card.


I cut the paper in half and folded that piece in half to be a card, then I punched holes in the shape of a heart – I had to fold the paper a bit to reach certain holes with my normal sized hole punch.



I set this project up like the first one, tying the thread with a knot to the first hole and with the extra thread through the needle. This time, I guided Pen Elaine to go back and forth through the holes, for more of a back stitch, to make the holes fully connected by thread.


After finishing the last hole, Pen Elaine pulled the thread a bit tightly and ripped the paper between the last two holes by accident, but some scotch tape was an easy, quick fix. Aunt Audrey loved her sweet card, after Pen Elaine dictated what to write on the inside, and Pen Elaine (and her Mommy) were very proud of her first sewing project!



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