Easter Week Countdown: Jesus cleans out the temple


To follow the events of the week leading up to Easter, we hit the 2-year-old relevant high points of Jesus cleaning out the temple.
To get us going, I used some of the ideas from the

Lesson plan about Jesus cleaning the temple by Ministry to Children

We read from John 2:13-22 and talked about Jesus taking care of what was happening in God’s temple, which is like a church. We talked about how Jesus had the right and authority to tell people what to do since He is God’s Son and the temple was God’s house.
My favorite moment came when I asked Pen Elaine what we do at church, in order to make the point about why we are not supposed to be making money at church or “selling” God because He is free!
What do we do at church, according to Pen Elaine?
1. Listen to God
2. Hug people.

When pressed further, she added “love people,” and when pressed even more, she said something about getting mad at people, so don’t go thinking we are getting it all right over here…
I don’t think the part of the text where Jesus predicts His death and resurrection by saying how He will rebuild the temple in three days was quite on Pen’s level but I briefly read it.

I didn’t have a cool visual for this story, which I’ll need to work on for next year- it wasn’t even in any of our kid Bible story books. So, I’m including the photos of the fun Pen Elaine had with the crown she made (with construction paper and rhinestone stickers!) for one of our earlier advent days: Jesus is our king!




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