Easter Week Countdown: Palm Sunday


We have already begun our Easter advent, thanks to help from Resurrection Eggs and my super organized friend, Kim, and her advent plan that gave me that push I needed to get my act together…
Last week, we opened the donkey egg and read the corresponding passage about Jesus entering Jerusalem- Matthew 21:1-8.
We also finished most of the donkey-footprint craft from CatholicIcing via Pinterest. Our version has a donkey and her colt (Matthew 21:2), since we did Pen Elaine’s foot in pink (of course) and Snuggly Man’s in grey.


For fun, we bought a spray of artificial banana leaves from walmart, the closest-looking thing to palm branches that I could spot. Pen Elaine had a lot of fun with them…not sure where they landed…

Also, we enjoy looking up an illustration for certain events from the old classic, Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes
from Kenneth Taylor. Some of these pictures have stuck with me from my own childhood. 🙂





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