Easter Week Countdown: Jesus Annointed



Last year at Easter time, I was in a Bible study all about celebrating Easter, and I had never thought before about celebrating the events that we know occurred during the week before Easter, other than Palm Sunday and Good Friday. Since so much happened in the preceding week, the season of Easter lends itself to celebrating actual events on actual days of the week…it’s just a matter of making time for it. So, we didn’t do everything on the right day, but we did try to celebrate specific events recorded in the Bible that occurred during Holy Week.

Monday: Jesus Cleaned out the temple in Jerusalem

Tuesday: Jesus was anointed with expensive oil/perfume by a woman known to be a “sinner”

To talk about the anointing of Jesus, we read the story as told in the Jesus Storybook Bible. High points that we hit included the expense and preciousness of the perfume, and how the woman did this because this is how kings were treated, and she knew that Jesus was the Son of God. Before reading it, I pulled out some (olive) oil and poured it into a shallow cup that Pen Elaine could dip her finger in and even rub some on her feet and legs. We talked about how it felt good on her skin. After reading, we went to the closet where I pulled out some perfume/body sprays for Pen Elaine to smell. We talked about how good they smelled and how the perfume would have made Jesus’s feet smell so good, and the oil would have felt so good on his dirty feet.


Pen Elaine loved being able to rub oil on herself (after which we had baby wipes handy) and smelling the perfume, especially when I sprayed a bit on her shirt!




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