Mommy & Me class: Go fish and Don’t lose Hope



This week was about not losing hope. Young preschoolers deal with a lot of frustration…as do their parents, ha! However, learning how to handle frustration and difficulty is an important lesson. Kids who learn how to persist and develop what some call ‘mastery motivation’ equips them for school readiness and goes hand in hand with creativity (related article) as well as being able to regulate their own emotions and behaviors. Furthermore, young children and their parents need practice in cooperating and helping each other to overcome difficult tasks because this must occur successfully during these years of learning to become autonomous, since we need to accept help and cooperate with others throughout our lives. God built us for community. Like us, preschoolers cannot do everything by themselves and need to accept help, including in the area of dealing with emotions like frustration, anger, and sadness. If we can lovingly and practically teach them to not give up but rather to keep up hope, by assisting in a non-overbearing way that allows them to reach personal success, we can encourage persistence, courage, faith, and influence their future successes in sports, school, and personal relationships.

We recently had a hopeful moment when I pulled out an old easy toddler activity that I had put together for Pen Elaine. It had been a team effort when we first played with it, but when I pulled it out a few weeks ago on her request, she had become a pro at matching the objects to their colors – it was so fun to see her development in such a tangible way. I know she is “secretly” making progress in lots of ways that only the Lord knows because He is working in her all the time, even when I can’t see it.

Craft/Activity: Go Fish set by DoodleCraft

Supplies needed:

popsicle stick with a small hole punched in the top, some twine or yarn, magnets with a hole in the middle

for fish: felt, scissors, small washers/metal bits, hot glue gun




To make my fish, I cut out a rectangle of felt, folded in half to the length that I wanted my fish to end up. Then, I cut the fish shape out of the folded piece, with the tail on the non-folded end, and I left the head connected some on the fold.


After cutting out all my desired fish, I was ready to put some hot glue down on the unfolded fish and place my little washer (I tried one versus two washers and found that two made it so heavy that the magnet had to work harder to “fish” it up) down on the glue, then another dab of glue on top of the washer, unless you ran glue down the whole length of both fish sides, and close up the fish carefully without burning your fingers!



After tying the string through the popsicle stick hole and through the magnet, you’re ready to go fishing!


I save my tea mix containers, and they were the perfect size to corral the fishing set.


Song Recommendations:

The Butterfly Song

Dory (from Finding Nemo) “Just keep swimming

I’m a Fish (Sung to “Little Teapot”):

I’m a little fishy, I can swim

Here is my tail; here is my fin.

When I want to have fun with my friends,

I wiggle my tail and dive right in!


Story Recommendation:

I absolutely love the rendition of “Simon and his boat” (Luke 5:1-11) in the Read-Aloud Bible Stories, volume 2, by Ella K. Lindvall and illustrated by Ken Renczenski.




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