Easter Week Countdown: Good Friday



Palm Sunday

Monday: Jesus cleans out the temple

Tuesday: Jesus anointed with expensive oil/perfume

Wednesday: Jesus teaching people

Thursday: Passover (the Last Supper) Maundy Thursday

Good Friday: the cross

Since we’ve been opening our Resurrection Eggs each day since a dozen days before Easter, we’ve really been talking about Good Friday for almost 2 weeks now. When Pen Elaine gets to open an egg every morning, we put the opened egg with its contents into our “nest,” which is just a raised bowl with some basket filler in the bottom. This way, the trinkets that symbolize different part of Christ’s death and resurrection are out for play and discussion during the two weeks prior to Easter, giving opportunity for any unexpected conversations or teaching moments.



One of our activities from earlier in the 12 days was a really good picture of Jesus washing away our sins through His blood, so it would also be great for remembering Good Friday. It came from 2TeachingMommies   (via my friend, Kim), their Cleansed by the Blood activity.

We simply read in our Read-Aloud Bible Stories, vol. 2 (Lindvall/Renczenski), about “the Sad Day and the Happy Day,” but the story in the Jesus Storybook Bible is also really good. We had just already read it multiple times over the past week or two.

Another favorite Easter activity to do with young kids is Resurrection Rolls – which we will make tomorrow…or Sunday.

Here’s a plan to make a 6-egg version of Resurrection Eggs that I received from Angela Turner.




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