Mommy & Me Class: Colors & Numbers



This week involved Noah’s Ark, trusting in God’s promises, as we practice numbers and colors with several fun activities involving simple things you can mostly find around the house.

Craft/Activity #1: Rainbow Sticky Wall Art inspired by mamapapabubba

This first art project is super simple – good, old sticky wall art simply requires a piece of contact paper taped to a wall (at kid-level) with the sticky side facing out. Then, your kiddo gets to stick paper or whatever small items you own to the sticky paper, and an instant mural is born! For our rainbow wall art, we just cut a strip from a pack of multi-colored tissue paper for kids to tear or crumble and place on the wall in whatever pattern. However, if you want to get fancy, you could draw lines on or behind your contact paper in the shape of a rainbow and even use cotton balls for clouds at either end.




Craft/Activity #2: Cupcake liner Owls by KidsActivitiesBlog

This was an activity I found that can be used for counting by twos – like two owls, two feet, two eyes, two wings, or even by threes – two claws/toes per foot. These can also be fun puppets for those of us who want to simply do some role play or put on plays.

Supplies: cupcake liner, orange paper cut into 2 circles (eyes), triangle (nose), and 2 feet

Fold sides in until they meet, then fold top “third” down to form face. Glue on your body parts and then color what’s left, to your artistic flair.


Craft/Activity #3: DIY Color by Number with a painted dice

This was inspired by a “Birthday Bear” that someone gave us, where you had a spinner that landed on a number that corresponded with a color, and you colored the part of the bear with the color that was assigned to the number on which the spinner landed…sounds confusing, but it’s not…sorry. This is a great way to practice numbers and colors at the same time!

Supplies: wooden block, paints in 6 different colors (one for each side), paintbrush, paper or picture with numbers written on the various parts to color

After painting a different color on each side of a six-sided dice, we wrote a number (1 through 6) on each side. Now, on a coloring sheet, you could write numbers on the various spaces, or you could draw a simple outline picture on blank paper (such as the rainbow below) and write numbers (1 through 6) in each section to color.

To make it a game, you could take turns with your kiddo rolling the dice and coloring a section each time.




Story Recommendation: Noah’s Ark

Song Recommendation: Two by Two/Who built the Ark?


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