DIY Toddler Sewing with Burlap!!!


I have been reading Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson, which is a “mom book,” and loving it. One of the points that they make, which seems obvious now, but I had never labeled this part of parenthood in this way, is that we, as mothers, get to pass on our unique passions to our children. Instead of feeling like we need to do certain things with them or teach in particular ways or complete “X number” of craft projects with them, we can have freedom in molding and shaping their experiences by sharing the activities that tickle our own fancies and teach them out of what we love. God knew who our children would be before they were born, and in His perfect design, He gave me to my children as their mother.

Your eyes saw my unformed body;
    all the days ordained for me were written in your book
    before one of them came to be.

Psalm 139:16

When we engage them in what we love, our enthusiasm for life is passed on and enjoyed together in a more real way. Then, one day, they may share our loves as adults and we will enjoy one another as friends with shared interests…or they may decide that model rocket launches are not their cup of tea, but they still won’t be able to help feeling nostalgic about them and like talking about them as a family… This has caused me to form one of my new philosophies, that works well during this time of no consistent afternoon nap time, (just “quiet time” for Pen and very loosely “scheduled” naps for Snuggly Man still), to share the things I enjoy with Pen Elaine and engage her doing them with me, instead of me trying to fit bits in when I can occupy my kids some other way. So, instead of sewing a little princess dress when Pen Elaine is having quiet time and Snuggly Man is sleeping or playing “under the sea,” I made my sewing project a collaborative effort with Pen Elaine, getting her to help me pull out fabric and figure out the sizes and talking with her through each step. However, when she couldn’t resist pushing the sewing machine pedal at her whim instead of just when I asked her, I knew she needed a side project to work on simultaneously…

Who doesn’t love a little burlap now and then? I had some scraps of burlap stuffed into (one of) my sewing bags and a little embroidery hoop that worked great to give Pen Elaine a little sewing project, along with her plastic yarn needle, to keep her occupied while I did some machine steps in the princess dress I was making for her. I felt like a genius to use burlap, since last time I just gave her construction paper with holes punched into it for sewing. Burlap is “hole-y” fabric that allowed her complete freedom for where she sewed, and she showed me a “smiley face” when she had finished the first project. We simply pulled the yarn back through to let her start again when she ran out of yarn. She was proud of her independent sewing and beamingly showed her daddy when he got home from work (as did I).

After completing this project, I searched for “toddler sew burlap” on Pinterest and found some of the same ideas – by tutusandteaparties, carrotsareorange, OhMahDeehness, and I loved the photo of a sweet toddler sewing basket idea.

My idea for our next “sewing” project is actually no-sew basket liners by DelineateYourDwelling.





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