DIY Grad (or Dad) Gift



I’m kinda proud of this inexpensive gift project- the only cost was the frame (and I recommend TJMaxx or Hobby Lobby sales for pretty and affordable options)! Plus, this can be a personal gift that would work for just about any occasion, including birthdays…

First, download some cutesy fonts – just search “free fonts” on Pinterest and follow the links – a few clicks is super easy, and then they show up in your programs, e.g. Word. It’s magic. I occasionally spot and download ones that I really like. Here’s an example website, you just click, open, click, install…The Cottage Market is a great source of inspiration, and I’ve got more fonts to download on my Pinterest board.

Once you’ve got your adorable fonts showing up in your word processor, choose a Bible verse or quote that signifies the gift recipient or holiday. I chose Philippians 1:6 for my friend who just graduated from college, starting out her post-grad life as a teacher at a yet-to-be-determined location. When there is so much waiting and uncertainty during the immediate days and months following a big life change like graduation, remembering that God is faithful and fulfills His promises to completion can be an encouragement.


If you can tell in the photo below, the “text box tools” and “format” tab are chosen, in the far right of the tool bar, you can see the 4″ dimensions are chosen for the height and width of the text box.


In Word, I simply created a text box that was the size of my frame’s photo opening (mine was 4 x 4), choosing a fill color that I liked. After typing in my verse, I changed various words to an assortment of downloaded fonts by highlighting and clicking. Once I was satisfied with my formatting, I printed on a higher quality setting, cut out the square, and inserted into the frame.


To wrap, I just tied some tulle around the frame, since this gift went to a sweet college girl!



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