DIY Growth Chart…cute enough to be an heirloom



Every since my first was born, I wanted to make a fabric growth chart to keep track of my kids’ height – I grew up with a fabric chart with a painted duck, and so I liked the idea of a growth chart that is easy to store or hang in various spots. Then, I saw this Pinterest idea for a table runner that looks like a ruler, and I had also seen the knockoff wooden ruler-looking growth chart that is as tall as a grown man. So, I decided I wanted a growth chart that looked like a giant ruler that could be hung on the wall or used as a sentimental table runner…then I forgot my vision for a ruler and just made a giant table-runner-sized growth chart with the potential for swirly vines and flowers.


Per the table runner idea, I bought a drop cloth from a home improvement store and cut the width down to 13-14 inches.


The drop cloth I bought had a hemmed seam along all sides, so I kept the seam along one long side and both short sides and only had to sew a hem along one long side.


After my very long piece of hemmed fabric sat around for a few weeks, I finally measured and drew lines every two inches, using a washable marker that would wash out in the laundry because I sewed over the lines with the sewing machine, using black thread. At this point, I was about to have a newborn Snuggly Man and knew I better get this project completed if I wanted to actually use my chart to keep track of my kids’ heights while they were still growing!



After deciding on a fabric for the numbers, I lightly drew out their shapes on the fabric with a washable pen and cut them out – re-doing a few of the numbers until I was satisfied with the shape of the result.


Once all numbers were cut, I pinned them to the growth chart at the appropriate mark (I placed them where the middle of the number lined up with the mark at each “foot”). Using the sewing machine, I sewed a tight zig-zag stitch along the edge of each number, making sure the edges of the fabric were covered securely.


I then sewed free-form with the machine a wiggly line along the empty side of the fabric chart. I think someday I’ll add vines or leaves or flowers by hand/embroidery.


We’ve put our initial measurements on there, in time for Pen Elaine’s 3rd birthday. I’d like to add other fun heights, like the average bear or gorilla, or other extended family members, to add interest when we use it as a table runner at a big family holiday meal, like Thanksgiving or Easter. I’m just glad it’s made its debut!




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