Pen Elaine is turning 3!






With Pen Elaine’s third birthday coming up, I was feeling like we could do something low-key…but then Pen wanted to invite all 7 of her closest friends and said she wanted a pancake party…and once I got started, I just couldn’t help myself!

So, here is Pen Elaine’s third birthday party, brought to you by the letter P!

We celebrated with Pancakes, Pirates, Princesses, Pop rocks, pink paper straws, a Piñata, pictures, and Pet (candy) “butterflies” to take home.



Prior to the birthday party, though, I filmed Pen Elaine answering the questions on this birthday interview by bestactivitiesforkids, who also has a free printable version…of which I plan on filling out and taking a photo to keep in my computer photo files to have a “hard copy” for posterity.



  Chalkboard art came first – I chose a quote from Berkeley Breathed’s Goodnight, Opus, which I absolutely enjoy as an adult, and it’s a fun one for kids too – those make the best children’s literature, that appeal to adults as well as kids…and include fabulous illustrations that incite the imagination.

To draw, I started with a chalkboard tutorial for a cool banner that my sis sent to me, via Pinterest.


Then, I added in the quote, drew balloons, and then, feeling like it needed something more…I scavenged for colored chalk in the chunky outdoor chalk box that Pen Elaine gets to use and found colors for a rainbow. This turned out perfect for a birthday celebration that is colorful and for a little girl who loves Rainbow Dash.


 Once the chalkboard art was finished, which I finished the night before Pen Elaine’s actual birthday morning as a center point above the kitchen table, I strung up a

  • banner of balloons in the same room
  • Birthday banner in its traditional spot
  • balloon and pinwheel above the kitchen table
  • pinwheel in a main doorway off the living room/entry way



 Instead of gifts, I asked on the invitations for guests to bring a hand-made picture for Penelope, so I had a garland with clothespins attached along it, waiting  below the mantel to display the pictures that were given at the party.


 The kid pictures were precious and sweet while the adult-made pictures got pretty creative and artistically finished! It seemed like a few closet artists had just been waiting for an excuse to stretch their artistic wings 😉



Birthday Party Activities!

We made maracas using

  • plastic Easter eggs,
  • plastic spoons,
  • uncooked rice, and
  • pretty duck tape

(inspired by apartmenttherapy) and some pretty masking tape for extra cuteness. Pen Elaine is still playing with the one that she made 🙂


 When guests entered, we had a table set up as a {pirate} tattoo station and spot to pick out a birthday party hat. I had bought pirate tattoos from a party supply section and some mustache tattoos from Hobby Lobby that were for the more adventurous seafarers. Supplies needed were:

  • temporary tattoos
  • safety scissors for cutting out the tattoo they want
  • water squirt bottle and
  • washcloth for applying the temporary tattoo


I had seen a cute idea for decorating party hats, but I never cut out blank paper to decorate them…however, I did buy sparkly pipe cleaners that added some extra pizzaz!


I turned our summer castle into an opportunity to play a game of ring toss, using paper plates with their centers cut out.


 Party Refreshments



  • Pancakes, of course- my Honey made banana-chocolate-chip and berry-chocolate-chip, I think…
  • awesome, easy flavored cool whips by growingajeweledrose, I chose a pink and a purple one and mixed in some sparkly sprinkles
  • chopped pecans
  • Nutella
  • cold pizza!
  • totally addicting Cake mix Funfetti Buddies by SixSistersStuff
  • our version of a Watermelon Monster, copied from Lovethispic
  • Cinnamon rolls inspired by a combining a funfetti cake mix recipe and a bread machine recipe, complete with cream cheese or (electric purple) vanilla frosting…and sprinkles!
  • little pink, polka-dot paper cups of Lucky Charms
  • (Pink, strawberry) Pop rocks, inside their cute packages




 Here’s Pen and I rolling out our cinnamon rolls on the morning of the party – everything else could be done ahead of time, but I had to throw the ingredients in the bread machine when I woke early to feed Snuggly Man, then Pen Elaine helped me roll out the doll and cover with butter, cinnamon, and sugar before rolling and cutting them into rolls to rise and bake in the oven before the party started at 9.


 For drinks, I used mason jars and cute lids to work with pink paper straws. I even found plastic, lidded “mason” jar tumblers at the dollar store for the kids to use!


We had a pitcher of water and a pitcher of “Pink Punch” (also made the morning of the party – Pink Punch Ingredients: 1 (46 oz.) can pineapple juice 1 (6 oz.) can frozen pink lemonade 2 1/2 c. water 3 (28 oz.) bottles ginger ale 1 qt. strawberry ice cream).



 Final take-home treats: Adopt a Pet Butterfly

Pen Elaine and I made butterflies (inspired by JugglingwithKids) with snack bags, clothespins, pipe-cleaner antenna, and filled with sweet tarts, since they’re toddler safe candies…and I could set this up days in advance. I forgot to take a photo before the party, when the chicken-wire frame was full of butterflies, but here’s how it all ended.




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