Happy Birthday to my Man!


We were traveling with family during my Honey’s birthday this year, so i gave gifts throughout the week at home leading up to the big day. There were treasure hunts, cards, and a pirate cookie cake all at home, so I warned him that I wasn’t packing any gifts for his actual birthday. However, I knew that our family would be bringing him gifts, and I also had planned a goofy family surprise that was also a throwback to the early 90’s when decorating your own tshirts was big…at least in my circles…So, I used craft paint to decorate a plain tshirt for each family member to wear, plus dresses for the little girls, and Pen Elaine helped me decorate my Honey’s birthday shirt. It was a fun surprise to look like a tour group as we were traveling and seeing the sights around Nashville.
Here’s the sayings I wrote:

Have your cake and eat it too.
Peace, love, and birthdays
Keep calm and {birthday} party on
Live long and prosper
Olive You
Happy Birthday
Birthdays are for Uncles
Birthdays are for Daddy

happy birthday man IMG_9450 IMG_9448happy birthday man IMG_0137 IMG_0138




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