Keep Glitter in its place with Modge Podge


keep glitter in its place with ModgePodge

Glitter makes me nervous. I think I have secret childhood memories of glitter being avoided by my mom and hearing her bemoan how it gets Everywhere…which is funny since she is now the number one supplier of glittery dresses for Pen Elaine at my house…grandmas. 😘 However, I love how glitter looks on birthday banners, so I wanted to use it on the banner I made for Pen Elaine’s first birthday that I plan on using forever, but I didn’t want glitter to be forever falling onto the floor. Then, by some stroke of genius, I used Modge podge under AND OVER the glitter- success! The glitter looked just as sparkly and festive, once it dried, and it stayed where it belonged- on the banner and not on the floor…or peoples’ heads or faces or food, etc.
So, after buying a set of $1 fairy wings covered with beautiful glitter, I used my old trick and Modge podged those little panty hose wonders and Snuggly Man was saved from a little bit of the glitter that inevitably winds up stuck to his cheeks and forehead.



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