Big Sister’s Little Brother


Pen Elaine loves her little brother and loves to help care for him. These pictures are from Snuggly Man’s first solid food. She has not had any obvious jealousy or resentment towards him and our attention toward him, and I think that is due in part to the little mothering heart God placed in her as it has been awakened by becoming a big sister. Consequently, Snuggly Man thinks she is the most hilarious, entertaining person in the world. We are frequently reminding Pen Elaine to “be gentle” or “not his face” but Snuggly Man can take a lot, and on the rare occasions that she pushes his buttons a tad too far, he lets her know without a doubt…or gives her a warning whine. However, for the vast majority of moments, she is the queen and he is her ideal audience and the apple of her eye. She knows how the world should be run, and he mostly approves. They thoroughly enjoy one another, and I remember to sit back and enjoy this season of sweetness.







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