Looking through my old Instagram pics, I saw the above photos side-by-side and realized, my kids look extremely alike. Until that moment, I had thought they looked so different…weird, huh. Now, I totally see that Snuggly Man is a little old man/boy version of Pen Elaine. We are going to be one of those families where all the kids look alike to the point that everyone looks sort of similar and you’ll recognize one member of the family anywhere, even if you’ve only met one of us…

What’s interesting about these two looking alike is how it’s a foil on the fact that their personalities and early experiences reveal definite differences. Snuggly Man is at least a month past the age when Pen Elaine was crawling. She loved a pacifier, but he only cares about sucking his thumb. He is super chill and yet, he screams out when we don’t listen to what he wants, and I don’t remember Pen Elaine ever screaming…as a baby…maybe I’ve blocked it out. He loves toys and manipulating objects. Pen Elaine did not care about baby toys too much, but she probably didn’t need to, since the world revolved around her.

The most fun thing about having two…one of the most fun things…is seeing how they adore each other. As they learn to accept and complement each other’s differences, they have so much fun sharing everyday moments.

Pen Elaine will “resignedly” pick up her little brother’s sippy cup after he’s thrown it on the ground for the fifth time, secretly loving that she’s needed by him and that she is able to help as his big sister.

He smiles and coos and waves his jazz hands when she finally shows up at breakfast, after sleeping in a bit.

She is overcome with her love and asks me or my Honey (whoever is holding Snugly Man) to bring him over so she can give him a hug, which is returned with open-mouth kisses…and hair-pulling, which she has learned to deal with and accept as the price of sibling snuggles.

When I want to coax her into riding in the double stroller, asking her to keep Snugly Man happy by keeping him company is what will do the trick.

Ever since he’s been old enough to be aware of her presence in the backseat, he is completely happy riding in the car.

Pen Elaine, always the entertainer at 3-years-old, has found a faithfully appreciative audience in her doting, little brother.







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