DIY Cheapskate Piñata



We actually did this for my Honey’s birthday over the summer. What you see is what you get! When planning some surprises for a week of little birthday treats leading up to the big day, Pen Elaine thought her daddy definitely needed some candy and a piñata. I know candy is one way to his heart, so I agreed with her plan there but did not care to spend money on a big old piñata but also didn’t have the time to spend on making some elaborate, multi-step, paper mache version…so, I decided to stuff an empty cereal box that I had been saving for a possible preschool-craft castel and just paint it with craft paint, tape the top and bottom with pretty duct tape, and draw on some decorations with a permanent marker. We busted it open when a family that we are friends with from church came over for lunch, and it worked just like any other piñata – tough to crack for the little kids until a daddy got to swoop in and mash it open with a baseball bat or something, ha!


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