Homemade “Tigerlily” Headdress

Homemade “Tigerlily” Headdress


Pen Elaine is in dress-up clothes 90% of the time. We watched Peter Pan for the first time over the summer, so dressing up like the little Indian princess, Tigerlily, was a must-do. Instead of the cheap old way of making an “Indian” headband with construction paper feathers, I pulled out my stash of craft store (pink) feathers, two felt scraps, a bit of twine, plus scissors & glue.



For more durability, Pen Elaine got to glue the feathers between two long strips of felt, then I cut little holes close to each end for tying some twine on each side, to be tied together when fitted on her little head.

Later, I sacrificed an old pillowcase to be her “dress.” I cut a head hole and two arm holes, then cut strips on the bottom to create “fringe.” Done!


homemade tiger lily costume


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