10 Reasons Baby Boys are awesome



Snuggly Man is constantly melting my heart, so here is a post with some of the ways that baby boys…especially mine…are awesome 🙂

Top Ten style:

10. Hats – put a hat on a baby boy and he is instantly transformed into a southern gentlemen or a hipster or just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen – and the hats get to be totally weather appropriate. Boys’ accessories get to be functional and adorable at the same time!



9. Photo shoots in their pajamas are OK! With Pen Elaine, I got her out of those pj’s in one of her absolutely precious little doll dresses before I took any kind of special pic, but with a boy…bring on the pj’s – especially if the photo is documenting a major sleep milestone…



8. Mama’s boy – this little man loves his mama. I pick him up, and he immediately snuggles up to me with his thumb in his mouth. He can settle in for a power nap, if needed, and we have a special bond that I know to enjoy while it lasts! He also loves being carried in a sling, ergo, any kind of baby carrier because he just loves being close. Plus, people say he looks like me, which is totally fine for a baby boy 🙂 and I love it! Just look at that little angel baby 😉



7. Tough – my sweet baby boy can sit in the hay, and he is fine…eat it, touch it, whatever, his tough little boy skin is ready for pumpkin pics, which is good since I cannot seem to get enough photos of my cuties in the pumpkin patch. Plus, he balances out his girly, wildfire of a sister. He can just sit, eating hay and drumming on a pumpkin, while I’m corralling my little beauty to occasionally look at the camera.


6. Old man pajamas…Little boy pajamas that make them look like little old men…enough said.


5. Snuggles…I don’t really know if this is all baby boys, but mine is seriously the snuggliest, cuddliest, baby I have ever met, and I’ve worked in nurseries and an infant research department, so that is saying something. In the photo below, Snuggly Man is leaning in for a head snuggle while simultaneously wooing the hearts of about 10 older ladies at the table next to our table.


4. The Old Man and the Sea – I’ve gotten to use the ship that my Honey ordered online for Snuggly Man’s room as his month-by-month photo prop because little boys are cool, old souls. Boy clothes have one of the following décor themes on them: nautical items, cars/trucks with wheels, animals, or sports.



3. Baby toys – Baby boys actually play with baby toys! While most of our baby toys were occasionally chewed but mostly ignored when we had a girl baby in the house, with Snuggly Man, I can sit him next to a bag of baby toys, and they actually occupy his attention for an extended period of time. He systematically goes through the entire bag, pulling out each one and exploring its rattle and movement capabilities before checking out the next one. It’s amazing!






2. Bath time – Baby boys use bath time to show off their skills! Pen Elaine liked taking baths, but Snuggly Man LOVES the bathtub like Buddy the Elf loves smiling and Christmas…He gets in there and starts kicking like he is swimming across the Atlantic Ocean with a serious face, using his whole body for momentum and movement. He is breathing heavy until he takes a quick break to smile up at me (or whoever is giving him the bath) with this smile that lights up his face in a way that looks like he is telling me thank you, so much, for giving me this time in the bathtub!



1. Bow ties.



Children are a gift from the Lord; babies are a reward. Psalm 127:3 NCV


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