DIY Ball pit (again!)



I am way behind on posts that I started and let sit in my “drafts” box for months and months…and months. So, this is old, but my kids are so cute in these pics šŸ™‚

We pulled out our old “ball pit” that I put together for Pen Elaine when she was just over a year – and Snuggly Man was so glad that we did! Of course, his experience with it has been completely different from kid #1 since he ended up sharing his space with her. Plus, being the boy that he is, he liked sitting outside of it, figuring out how to open and reach into a side zipper opening of the “pack-and-play”, and pulling out the balls, one by one. Even sitting inside of the ball pit, he liked throwing the balls around, but when Pen Elaine was little, she mostly liked rolling around in them…of course, that could be an age difference thing. I’ll have to pull this out again soon, since he’s a bit older, and see how he likes it this time around.

You can check out my previous post for instructions, but all I did was order $7 dollars worth of plastic balls on Walmart “site to store” and dump them into our pack-and-play!





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