Pen Elaine’s most favorite book…this week



The Secret Remedy Book by Karin Cates (illustrated by Wendy Anderson Halperin) was a little treasure we found at the library recently. I may have loved it even more than Pen Elaine, but the feelings were mutual. This is the story of a young girl who finally gets to go stay at her aunt’s house, all by herself, but when she finds herself feeling a little homesick, her aunt rescues the situation with a mysterious book from the attic that gives the steps to curing any woes. The book takes them on a mini, everyday-sort-of adventure that ends in sleepy, happy dreams.

I felt like we were taken back to simpler times, and I was reminded that in childhood, the little things can be the most meaningful. The illustrations are intricate and tell a story all their own. We made the book come alive one afternoon, during Snuggly Man’s naptime, and followed all the steps to complete the “secret remedy.” Luckily, we had juice in the house that day (or at least some apple cider), and we found a seed to plant out in the yard – Pen covered it with a leaf to keep it safe. We highly recommend this book for making memories, or if you are getting ready to send a kid off to camp or grandma’s house for the first or second time. This is a great book for talking through feelings and dreams and everyday goals. I already want to check this book out from the library again!


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