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Homemade “Tigerlily” Headdress

Homemade “Tigerlily” Headdress


Pen Elaine is in dress-up clothes 90% of the time. We watched Peter Pan for the first time over the summer, so dressing up like the little Indian princess, Tigerlily, was a must-do. Instead of the cheap old way of making an “Indian” headband with construction paper feathers, I pulled out my stash of craft store (pink) feathers, two felt scraps, a bit of twine, plus scissors & glue.



For more durability, Pen Elaine got to glue the feathers between two long strips of felt, then I cut little holes close to each end for tying some twine on each side, to be tied together when fitted on her little head.

Later, I sacrificed an old pillowcase to be her “dress.” I cut a head hole and two arm holes, then cut strips on the bottom to create “fringe.” Done!


homemade tiger lily costume


No-sew Baby Legwarmers



Here’s why I love leg warmers on babies:

  • They work for any season
  • They don’t have to come off when diaper changing
  • They are one-size-fits-all
  • which also means they don’t grow out of or into them during the first 4+years of life – meaning they don’t add to the first year madness of clothes fitting and not fitting in a matter of weeks and having to store clothes all over the place and keep them organized for the next kid or to pass along…
  • They remind me of the 80’s
  • They can possibly make my baby look like she or he is about to go workout with Cyndi Lauper or Patrick Swayze
  • They are easy to pull on and off little wiggly legs and feet
  • They are a fashion statement…
  • They are stinkin cute
  • They can be made from my Honey’s old pair of lucky volleyball socks

I made this yellow pair by simply cutting off the bottom part of a pair of men’s socks, no sewing required! Now, my Honey is happy that he gets to keep his old pair of socks, and I’m happy to see them on my little Snuggly Man.


Blooming Shoes

Blooming Shoes


Pen Elaine had a foot growth spurt recently, so I took the opportunity to go little girl shoe shopping! This never happens because we have a ton of hand-me-downs, but I decided she just had to get some shoes in the right size. Well, I couldn’t resist some really cute red polka-dot ones, but then I also found these boy sneakers in the right size marked down on clearance…at first I turned them down but then thought, I could girly-bling these with some sort of fabric flower, thus the blooming shoes were born.

First, I tried a simple fabric scrap circle flower that I had done at the baby shower I hosted, but it didn’t look quite right to me, and I had previously thought that yellow would be really cute with the gray-colored shoes, so I started over (not something I usually do, but I’m working at taking more time on projects sometimes and going for quality over speed every so often…). Then, I recreated the ribbon rosettes I had made back for our wedding, for all the groomsmen to wear, and I decided the flounce and pop-out of this flower was just right.

IMG_5886with text

Here are the steps below, after which I sewed the rosette onto the shoe between a felt leaf shape and a button, so it was just like sewing on a button 🙂 The ribbon I used was 7/8″ wide.